Connectivity Issues

Hello! Our farmbot was up and running perfectly, watering every day, etc. when all of a sudden after an OTA we could no longer access any of the online functions. We tried re installing the software on the little sd card and reconfiguring but had no success. We then purchased a new sd card thinking that was the problem. The farmbot broadcasted it’s wifi and we went through the entire setup process, and still had no success. We are more than sure that account information is correct and the wifi is fine as well, we’ve never had trouble with our wifi connection or firewalls, etc. Any ideas as to what happened?

Hi @alias.ortega,

  • What FarmBot model version do you have ?
  • What was the Farmbot OS software version that worked well for you ?
  • What was the version deployed by the OTA ?
  • What Farmbot OS did you re-flash the SDHC card with ?