Console Configurations exchanged

I am working with the std. 1.5 m X 3 m platform. is there a way to exchange console configurations.

looking for a 4" X 4" plant configuration to upload for review and study. Is there even a way to do this?



We will eventually create a sharing platform for sequences and regimens (similar to an “app store”) in the future, but that functionality does not exist yet. Keep an eye on our newsletter for more updates about that one.

What sort of configurations would you like to see?

Thanks for sharing. I am having trouble getting ahold of how the different console tabs interact. What does save do and how could we share setups. I am at present working with my console at a local level but see in the design that there is cloud facility ava. or in the plan.

I would commit to a basic 1.5 m by 3m … 6 inch by 6 inch x, y, z setup that would be for review with a description and playing with that one could eventually be modified to fit his or her set up. Is there a way to test and view local console outcomes in a graphical context so that I don’t damage the local equipment?

I am working with three jr. hi schools and envision having students working up their own console configurations as a student activity. they would need to test them out without destroying equipment.