Constant farmbot network crashes

Hey guys,

So today has started off rough. I can’t seem to keep my farmbot online. As I try to work on my sequence, the farmbot is constantly dropping offline and never reconnecting itself. I’ll get the red notification box on the upper right corner of the web app saying “cannot communicate, is farmbot offline?”

After a few minutes of waiting for Farmbot to relaunch its connection nothing happens and ill notice that the farmbot network is now visible in my WiFi browser.

I’m assuming the reconnect failed and that’s why I can see the farmbot network again.

I’ve tried to reconnect/config the farmbot network multiple times and it just fails to fully establish the config. It says the config was complete but If look in my WiFi browser and I can still see the farmbot network.

Edit: not sure if this is what fixed my issue but i thought might as well clear my DNS cache seeing as how i was constantly connecting, disconnecting and configuring.
Im now back online and it only took one configure.

I see a similar thing, for me it mainly happen when I power on the device. I have to re-configure the network settings to get it working again

Same here. Randomly, after executing some random movement command, the bot will become unresponsive and I have to reboot it and reconfigure wifi and login.

I concur, very frustrating having to repeatedly refresh the web app and/or reset the farmbot. Maybe it’s something to do with network delays (I’m in Australia)? Often I get a response on the web app that Farm-bot didn’t get the request, but an app refresh suggests that it did and was updated.

Also, I noticed today when trying to home towards an end stop, if you press the e-stop it stops, but after then pressing unlock the unit crashes, only a power cycle will restart.

Also again, when I enable end–stop and press home, nothing happens. Only when I then change to ‘Controls’ and manually moving will it then actually perform the home sequence.

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Hello all. Sorry to hear this is a reoccurring issue. I will definitely investigate this more in depth tomorrow. But my suspicion is network latency/WiFi range issues.

Farmbot probably thinks it has no connection to the web app so it thinks it was configured incorrectly.

I have a few ideas to get around this behavior and should hopefully have a decent fix within the week. Thanks for being so patient!

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Great, thanks for looking into it. I’ll look forward to the update :slight_smile: