Coordinate issues

I have a bit of an issue with my software i believe, every time i shut down my farmbot the coordinates change to 0,0,0.

So when i put in the locations of my tools, as soon as i shut the farmbot down they become wrong as the coordinates of where the farmbot is at the time of turning it on change to 0,0,0.

Anybody know how i can make the coordinates save?
Thanks in advance

I have seen the documentation on encoders not working and read through it but the solutions suggested aren’t doing anything.

This behavior is usual. The software does not save the last known coordinate for reasons.

Just turn the setting FIND HOME ON BOOT in the hardware settings for all axes to ON. Now every axis is in a defined position (real zero) after every boot.

Oh okay, thank you. I did have the find home on boot on but one of my axis would always error out before it got there.