Coords don't match FB OS commands

FB 1.3, Farmduino 1.3, FB OS 6.2.1

Very strange issue I ran into today. When docking the water toolhead, it got to the prior command, which moves to X-offset of 150 (159, 522, -427), then moves to tool position with no offset, for dock position of (9,522,-427).

However, you will see from attached screenshot that it knows where it needs to go, it begins the move to the proper coords, and then moves completely off, going toward (9, 322, -327), at which point it crashes because OF COURSE IT CRASHES, THERE’S A RACK OF TOOLS THERE. Derp…

Error did not occur up to this point, and watering sequence ran as expected up to this point; about 75 moves and pin read/writes, all on target. Re-ran the sequence several times, and did not run into the error again, but the once is one too many. I’ve quadruple-checked my Sequence logic, and all is as it should be. As such, it seems that the machine “invented” its own coordinates, and e-stopped itself.

I’ve included a log dump as well as the sequences leading up to and following it. It was in the “Park Water” sequence, which usually executes with no error, as a subsequence of “Water Garden.” Unfortunately, I did not have verbose firmware logging on, so this is as much info as I have.

What the poop?!?!?! If anyone else is seeing this, please advise. Thanks all.

That’s strange, it appears that a Move Relative (0, -200, 100) command was injected somehow.

I notice a Hardware setting conflict warning for one of the Move Absolute sequence steps in your screenshots. Would an override for the imported z-axis coordinate help with what you are trying to achieve?

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