Creating Sequences - Is there a max number of sequences you can make?

As I start to create sequences, I can see that they will number in to the hundreds and possibly in to the thousand(s)
Is there a SW limit to how many one can create? I seem to remember seeing something saying ~1000, but cant find the reference…

@Intelbotfarmer There is currently no limit on the number of sequences you can create. The upcoming variables feature in FBOS v8 will help alleviate the tediousness of repetitive sequence creation, but there’s still a bit of QA to do on our end.

With regards to other resources:

  • 200 logs (old ones disappear to make room for newer ones)
  • 800 points (soft limit) / 1000 points (hard limit- due to CPU constraints on the device)

800 points - is that amount of plants on the plant bed?

I think it is the total amount of “things” in the bed. Plants, weeds, obstacles, garden gnomes, etc…

@eide IntelBotFarmer is correct. We based this limit on a number of things, such as:

  • The size of the bed divided by a reasonable plant spacing.
  • The CPU speed of a Raspberry Pi
  • Real world usage stats (very few people create more than 800 points, and often when they did it was the result of Farmware plugin errors).

After receiving a few error reports from users who had inadvertently created too many map points (and noticed performance issues as a result), we decided it would be best to add a “soft limit” of 800 to the app. It is sensible for the vast majority of users and also provides a helpful message when they are nearing hardware limitations that might be difficult to debug otherwise. Here are some notes from our source code.

If you find that this limit is too low for your use case, please let us know and we can investigate alternatives.