CS Failed: [move_absolute] - :uninitialized

Hi everyone,
Today I had an error, which I havent seen before.
I wanted to do a normal move absolute in the web app but it said absolute movement failed. If you listen to the MQTT messages it says “CS Failed: [move_absolute] - :uninitialized”.

After the reboot of the system it works again, but I still wonder, what it was about and how i can avoid the error.

Kind Regards

@cbraun Which version of FarmBot OS and hardware model are you using?

Hello Rick,
it is the FarmBot OS version 7.0.1 and the Genesis XL.

@cbraun Please consider upgrading to FarmBot OS v8, which was released on Friday. Since this problem was fixed by a system reboot, I am suspicious that it is a software related issue, but we no longer provide bug fixes for FBOS v7 since it was superseded by v8.

IMPORTANT NOTE: FBOS v8 is a major upgrade from v7. As such, Farmwares written for v7 will not work on FBOS v8. If you are using custom Farmwares, you will need to update some aspects of your application to be compatible with v8. If you are using 3rd party Farmwares such as MLH or Power Loops, you will need to wait for the authors to upgrade the codebase to v8. Please see the upgrade instructions.