D8 D9 D10 not responsing whereas everything else ok!

Hi there !

My farmbot is moving corectly, I was delighted. But when testing the vacum pump / water valve / lights strip from the “controls” page of the web app I got absolutely no response for these 3 outputs (D8 D9 D10).

I think I am testing the right way as I can control well the pin 13 (Arduino led) from the “controls” page. And the OS has been updated from the “Device” page.

What can be wrong? How to debug, I have no idea where to start !
Do I have to connect the aduino or pi3 to the computer in some way to debug it??

Considering I have limited but existing knowledge in programming, maybe with your help I can cope with this issue.

Many thanks for your attention and help!

Have you set the correct pin numbers for the toggle switches in the Peripherals widget on the Controls page? Can you share a screenshot of your widget and a photo of your electronics box?

Thanks for your reply

I guess the pin number are correct as I have many forums and photos on the internet to confirm. Anyway have a look on the pictures to confirm. If you can’t see what you are looking for on the electronic box I can take other pictures.

So what’s wrong doctor? Manufacturing defect maybe

Link to the electonic box picture :

Can you check the connection to your power supply? Do your motors work? Keep in mind D8 is powered from the secondary power input on the RAMPS board, while D9 and D10 are powered from the primary input. When I unplug my RAMPS from my power supply, the only peripheral that works is the LED on pin 13.

Yes the motors work.
And both the primary secondary inputs are powering the ramps. You can see it on the two pictures where I am testing by touching the ramps inputs screws with the light strip wires.

Pictures :

For info I have received a new RAMPS which solves the problem. Everything is going fine now.
So my first ramps had a manufacturing defect or maybe I destroyed it myself.

Anyway it is no longer an issue and I thank those who helped me.