Details on Push Buttons and LED Indicators

I’m doing some research for a new Electronics Box due to the insufficient water tightness I was facing with mine (as mentioned here: Solved and unsolved issues at initial operation).
I’ve now found a nearly perfect solution but I want to make sure that I can fit the Push Buttons and LED Indicators in as well. Unfortunately there is not enough information in the BOM list. Can you please share the manufacturer and type of the Push Buttons and LED Indicators used?

The Electronics Box I want to go for is a FIbox ARCA 302015 combined with an Icotek KEL 10.
This would then look like this:

Due to the limited space (see picture below) on the top of the box I want to make sure that I can place all Buttons and LED’s there.

Would be great if you can share that detailed information so I can check in the CAD if that fits.


I will pass this question along to @roryaronson and @Gabriel who are more knowledgable about part dimensions.

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Our CAD models are accurate to the dimensions of the push buttons and LED indicator lights, which you can see here. You can export the files from Onshape to common formats if you want to import into your CAD system.

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Hi @roryaronson

I’m interested in these details also :slight_smile: Thanks !

@roryaronson I exported it from Onshape but unfortunately I can only export it as a block and it is missing the connectors. I’ve seen the connectors in Onshape and are able to export them but its also as block. Due to the different area I will have on the casing mentioned above I will need to rearrange all buttons and LED. Unfortunately I’m not able to get a single button, connector or LED from Onshape. If I’d know the manufacturer I would most likely be able to get the data from them and would have a single part. :wink:


@roryaronson @Gabriel

I requested a spec sheet from our manufacturing partner but am still waiting to receive it. In the meantime here are exports of an individual button and an individual LED:
Button.step (164.7 KB)
LED.step (65.3 KB)

For future reference, you should be able to right-click a part in the Instances list, or in the 3D view, and Export just that part. It is possible with these particular parts there is something weird going on because they are actually from a “Linked Document”.


Thanks for the help!

That’s what I tried. I then just get that msg:

Cannot export. Ressource nicht vorhanden oder Sie haben keine Zugriffsberechtigung.

Which translates to: Resource not available or you have no access authorization.

Maybe that’s because I don’t have an Onshape account and not logged in. :man_shrugging:t3:

I’ve finally found some time to check the Button and LED placement within the mentioned Fibox. Seems to be possible.

It’s not the same layout but from what I’ve seen only two Buttons and two LEDs are really needed while the others are for customisable functions.

I will order a Fibox Arca together with the Incotek and give it a shot. But it will take some time until I can give updates on that. During the winter season the gantry will be indoors anyway so I will be able to work on it. :slightly_smiling_face:


@Boynextdoor I already have the cabinet and the cable entry at my home. I ordered an additional set of pushbuttons and LED’s from FB. I will have again a closer look as soon as I have them in my hands.

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