DHT22 Sensor Connected to Pin 54(A0)

I’m trying to get a DHT22 Sensor working with farmbot. I have the sensor hooked up to A0 and have made a sequence to read the pin and then spit out the data received from the sensor.

Read Pin
Pin 54(A0) - Analog

Send Message:
Pen reading = {{ pin54 }}

The data I get back in the log is just 1020

Is there a way I can get this sensor working with farmbot or do I need to have a separate sensor for Humidity and Temperature?

I’ve also tried to bind my DHT 22 sensors to the farmbot and wasn’t able to get it done.
The DHT22 sensors are actually Digital sensors which are being read by some kind of a telegram (single bus). You would need a special library installed (imported) on your arduino and a short script that reads, separates and posts the values to the raspberry.

Back when I tried that, I wasn’t able to find a working module that can be imported to a python script, so creating a farmware for that was also impossible. Maybe there is one right now?

In my opinion it would be definitely easier to use analog sensors than those DHTs. Let us know if you still want to try it and have any questions :slight_smile: