Different sides of X axis not homing equally

Just in case someone else has come accross this issue. When I home the x axis one side hits the end before the other.

I have checked the gantry and bed are straight and at right angles. Belts are the same tension. So I’m thinking one of the stepper motors is moving faster than the other.

Has anyone else had this issue and solved it?

I wish I could help . . . but I don’t have a full FarmBot device. I wonder where the FarmBot experts are, right now ??

No worries @jsimmonds yes the forum is quite quiet.

Can’t claim to be an FarmBot expert, but from my experience this is usually caused by bad angles on the X-Axis tracks or the gantry itself.

How bad is the misalignment after homing? Which axis reaches the end first?

Yeah, too quiet i would say…

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Thank you for responding.

The second x axis stepper motor hits first. The difference in distance is about 1-2 centimeters.

I bought new gantry plates because one was bent but this didn’t fix it. I put a right angle to the corners of my bed and they is about 1-2mm off.

I’m not sure if 1-2mm off would create that difference or it’s a problem with the motors.

I will check my config and get back to you but I expect I wont find an answer there.

I’ve had good luck slowing the calibration down (increase the timeout so it can finish). I agree with the others - track alignment is key. . .cd

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So much relies on track alignment… no, EVERYTHING relies on track alignment.

Yeah my track is built on a linear rail (rather than wooden) bed so I’m confident it is aligned well now I have a straight gantry joining plate. If I solve the issue I’ll report back.

That worked thanks Cris :). The calibration use to finish but for some reason it wasn’t. I think getting rid of the bent gantry plates helped too.