Difficulty in unlocking the farmbot

Hello everybody !
I can’t manage to unlock my farmbot. I’m currently trying to install it so it has never worked before. It’s a Genesis XL v1.5 type. The button “déverouiller” (“unlock” in french) is blinking and when I click on it nothing happens.

Does anyone has an idea to solve this problem ?
Thanks for your help !

@FermeExpeBM50 I attempted to remotely inspect your device, but it is currently offline.

Can you please leave your device running so that I can remotely inspect it?


Thanks for your help.
Yes, the farmbot is now online. Could you inspect the device or is there another problem ?

I have to get offline but it will online tomorrow
Have a good day

@FermeExpeBM50 I am located in Chicago. I work normal Mon-Fri / 9-5 PM business hours. I cannot investigate the issue if your device is offline. Please let me know when it is online again and I can take a look.

Hello ! The farmbot is online, you can inspect the device.
Thanks !

@FermeExpeBM50 Thank you for bringing your device back online. The problem went away when I upgraded your device to v14 beta. Although v14 is a beta, it is stable enough for most use cases.

Most likely, your device was experiencing a bug that existed in v13 and was fixed in v14.

Please let me know if you require further assistance.

Thank you for your help and your quick answer !
I will say you if I need more help
Thank you and have a good day !

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