Dismantle for winter storage (1.4)

I cannot find a way to dismantle the farmbot for winter storage. Is there an easy way to remove the bot from the bed to reinstall it later?


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Welcome back, @GuidoCram. We don’t have an official guide, and it partly depends on how large your storage space is, how extreme the weather is (I live in Chicago with very harsh snowy winters and I leave my device outside all winter). Generally speaking, FarmBot can withstand winter conditions.

Here are some tips:

  1. If you decide to leave the device outside all winter, be sure to drain all water lines so that the water does not freeze and rupture the tubes/valves.
  2. Some folks prefer to bring the gantry inside and leave the tracks outside. You can do this by detaching all power lines, removing the hoses, removing the timing belt, and then sliding the gantry off the rails and moving it inside.
  3. When you bring the device back online in the spring, perform a hard re-flash and re-configurate - all of your account data is backed up on the Web App. We occasionally deprecate old versions for security and operational reasons and sometimes people find their device requires a re-flash after the long winter.
  4. It’s not unheard of for foundation settling to occur over very cold winters. In extreme cases (or over the period of several years), you may want to re-align tracks to ensure they stay straight.

I hope this helps- if you have specific questions, I would be happy to answer them. I will bring up your concerns to the team on Monday so that we can update our documentation.


@GuidoCram Quick update- I was not aware, but FarmBot has already written a winterization guide.