Do I have the correct motor cables supplied?

Hi again,

I think I may have been supplied an extra Y axis cable and a missing Z axis cable.

I have removed the ties from all motor cables (except X1) and laid them out next to a tape measure to confirm this, please see the following

above, 3 encoder, 3 power cables

above; X2 cables are correct (and matched length)

at the 3.1 metre mark (Y axis) I have two Y axis power cables and one Y axis encoder cable (missing a label)

cables laid out, note the single Z axis cable looping back

Yep, looks like we messed up and gave you two Y-axis motor cables and no Z-axis motor cable. Can you please email with your shipping information so that we can send you a replacement?

Hi there, you already have an email from me regarding the leadscrew block at the address mentioned. woo******@lan****

Perfect, we’ll ship both things together :slight_smile:

Morning, can you provide a tracking number for the replacement parts please?

Sure thing: 1Z371A006795161416

Hey Rory, came to the forum to find out if anybody was having the same issue! We have no z -motor cable. We have three Y’s

Two y motor cables and one encoder.

I got a v1.3 and instructions are v1.2 but im assuming z motor is essential I’m not able to check whether on this because the electronics and wiring part of the site is down

Sorry about that! I’ll have a replacement z motor cable sent your way. Please just send an email to with your preferred shipping address.

Here is the updated documentation link:

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awesome I will follow up today