Does anyone need parts printed?

I live in the middle of nowere Ava Missouri USA. I’d be happy to print parts for people at a low cost. I am an off grid homesteader. I currently have 4 printers. I run a small 3d printing business that is paying my bills as I build my farm But after finding this farmbot I will be putting up greenhouses and running these farm bots to make my life more complicated :smiley: My website is you can find all my contact info their. If you would like a quote please send any files in a zip that you would want printed as well as a list of how many of each file. I can get you a quote based on that, I will also have to charge shipping. US only for the moment. I am going to put this build on que but if I have to print this for someone then it will get built quicker because Ill just print a double batch :slight_smile: I am currently working on a solar battery project because being off grid is harder without electricity :slight_smile: Anywho if I can help to get more of these built so the technology progresses I’d be happy to assist. And if a new solar battery concept sounds interesting check into my website ever now and then because I’m almost done prototyping and will be making a small production run to showcase my new idea :smile: