Does the FarmBot work on a Sloped Surface?

I have an existing vegetable garden that has a slight slope. Would the Farmbot work on a sloped surface with little to no modifications?

Maybe. I think its best for FarmBot to be placed on a flat surface, but it might work on a sloped one. The main concerns I have with that are that the motors will need to work extra hard to pull the gantry or cross-slide “uphill” in one direction. They might not have enough power to do so depending on the slope. Also, aesthetically I think it would look really weird haha.

If I were gonna put farmbot on a slope, I would be tempted to build a terrace! You could have it run more or less level that way!

Or if you’re stuck with growing on a slope for whatever reason, you could still keep farm bot on the flat by raising the lower end of the rails to match the upper end…

However doing that might cause problems with seed planting and weeding… but watering should still work

The only modification I can think of is getting a custom plate made so the gantry is vertical and level, just to keep extra stress off your machine.

I came to this forum just to find out if there was a slope solution for FarmBot.
I wondered, since I met FarmBot, that it may become even more efficient, and even more providentian, to use it in sloped terrain.
After all, in sloped terrains, we have much more fisical effort to farm manualy, wich makes very steep areas unfarmable manualy.

I imagined that we can build a solution:

Create a piece that adjusts an angle between the vertical tracks and the base tracks. This way, the base tracks will follow the terrain slope, and the base engines will have a new vertical component to work on.
But the rest of the bot will work the same way, vertical, just running on the sloped tracks.

Hope I could describe it clearly, this tecnical english is not easy for a brazilian enthusiast!