During sequence Z axis moves down slowly

When I run a sequence the Z axis moves up at 100% speed and behaves as expected. When the Z axis moves down, it seems to run at about 1/5 of the maximum speed (or even slower) I have the max speed set to 6mm per sec asnd the min speed set to 5mm per sec for the Z axis. In the actual sequence, I have all movement settings at 100% speed.
I am probably missing something, but what?

I had exactly the same issue and never found out the root cause. I spent tons of time trying to figure this out, one of my hypotheses were that stepper drivers got overheated. While trying to fix this i switched back to default stepper driver on z axis…

Motor settings that work for me now are here;

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Ignoring, for the present, the noise and vibration from the Z axis motor and associated mechanism, why do you think the Z axis moves at different speeds depending on the direction? My only explanation is that the pulse train it is receiving is different. Particularly since it only happens when running a sequence, not when manually controlling the motor through the controls page of the web interface.

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Sounds like this one is related to Z motor works when x is 0 but not when x = 2640.


yeah, it is

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The behaviour of the Z axis while moving (in both directions) seems to have been fixed in the latest OS update. My Z suddenly moves with alacrity! Current version reported by my machine is:
Version 8.1.1

In FarmbotOS v8.1.0 and later releases there is a fix included for the Farmduino (MCU) firmware which addressed an issue where its incoming command string buffer could be “overflowed”.

Enjoy :slight_smile:

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