E-Mail: New error reported by FarmBot

Just received this email:

[2020-11-10 21:50:55 +0100]: You are using an outdated version of FarmBot OS. Your device will lose access to the server in one week if you do not upgrade. Please upgrade immediately.

I’ve taken down my FB on Sunday and took my gantry inside for winter storage (and rewiring with new electronics box). Last time my FB was up was on Sunday, 8. Nov. 2020 around 14:00 CET. Was afaik on the latest (non beta) FBOS.
Why do I get that email? :man_shrugging:t3:

Second question: I will most likely put my FB back to service around mid to end of march 2021. Will I also receive a reminder after three months that my account will be deleted becaus there is no active FB or will this be postponed for 6 months because I had a FB connected once? :thinking:

I also received the error. I have the Farmbot set to auto update, so that was curious. I asked the Farmbot to check for an update manually, and we given an error message indicating I was up to date. Screenshot below. I suspect this is likely a goof in the configuration management pipeline, and will wait for confirmation from the engineering team.

I got the same error and now I tried to log in to my(dot)farmbot(dot)io and it won’t recognize my credentials.

I too now am getting the credential error. This is not a positive sign…

Apologies, this message was sent in error.

I will send a correction shortly.

For those who are not running v12.2.0 please do upgrade ASAP, as we do plan to perform a “hard deprecation” of outdated FBOS versions.

@masze @fuzzynickel @John_D I will answer your questions shortly after I send out a correction email. If you are experiencing device issues, a power cycle will most likely fix the problem. Details to follow.


Here’s how inactive account deletion works:

  • If you’ve never connected a device before (example: you wanted to see the app, but don’t own a device), your device will be cleaned up after 3 months of no activity.

  • If you use your device with a real bot, you can go inactive for as long as a year, but…

  • …in both cases, if you want to keep your account, all you need to do is log in and it will reset the timer. If you get an inactivity email and want to keep your account, you can save it by logging in.

A note about storing your device over the winter: We try not to do “hard deprecations” of FBOS if we can avoid it. If we end up performing such a deprecation while your device is in storage, you will need to re-flash FBOS once in the spring. Your data is safely stored on the server and everything will go back to normal thereafter.


@John_D @fuzzynickel Is it simply saying that you have entered a bad password? Or are you seeing new error logs other than the erroneous message that was sent earlier?

Although the email was sent in error, it had little to do with account credentials. If you provide your device ID I can take a look.

It was saying invalid password / user id.

I got past that. something about the page was confusing LastPass and it filled the wrong credentials.

I need to go home and unplug the Farmbot. Let all the electricity run out of it for 60 seconds, then plug it back in. It has been running without a reboot since the last time I ran software update. A couple of months?? (I am trying to admin it from work. I was wanting to alter its water schedule)

@John_D I just got off the phone with @fuzzynickel. I think the problem you’re experiencing is unrelated to this issue and is a bug in the UI input field.

You probably don’t need to restart your device. The reason I suggested it was that we were seeing some issues related to token refreshes on 12.0.1, and they are known to be fixed with a power cycle (and also permanently fixed in the latest FBOS).

I do need to restart it. I checked my routers and the Raspberry Pi is not connected to wifi either. so I just need to reboot and and see what happens. But I need to be there to do that.

It has been running great for days and days. I have all my winter vegetables ready to plant out in it this weekend.


@John_D Sorry to hear about the interruption :confounded:If you need assistance getting back online, please let me know or shoot me a PM.

Glad to hear it’s been running well aside from the hiccup today!

@fuzzynickel, @masze, @RickCarlino

I power cycled the bot and that did not fix the problem. So I just reflashed the flash card and all is good now. All I had to do was rehome the machine and it is off and running again. Not sure what caused the fault, but all is good now and I upgraded to 12.2.0.

Now I am back on plan to move plants from my grow light shelf in my workshop to the farmbot this weekend. Kale, Kohlrabi, broccoli, more chives, etc. Will pop in about 48 sprouted radish seeds.


Good luck!