E-Stop when reading a pin value

Hi all,

First of all, I’m using the latest farmbot OS and the version 1.2 (Arduino/RAMPS) setup.

I’ve been trying to create a sequence to use the soil sensor and another one to check whether there is a mounted tool or not. I already used this features in the past but, to my surprise, every time I try to read the value, the farmbot turns into E-stop mode.

I have checked the wiring and the connections are good. I have also tested the feature without the pins connected to the RAMPS and it still turned into E-stop mode.

I have also measured the (V) values and everything seems reasonable.

Do you have any hint/idea of what the problem could be or what else I could test?

Thanks a lot!

Does this error appear if you read the pin value manually in the Controls page or when running a sequence with a READ PIN step? I wasn’t able to reproduce the error yet.

Could you also post a screenshot of the log page?

Hi Ascend,

To my surprise I was about to test the feature again and it worked. At least it didn’t get into E-stop mode.

Unfortunately I don’t have a screenshot of the log page and I can’t take one since now I can’t reproduce the error :sweat_smile:

So before it got fixed, I created two sequences for reading the value of the soil sensor and to check whether there was a tool mounted or not. I didn’t test the option to manually read the values from the controls page.

If I get this error again I would make sure to take a screen capture of the log page. Sorry for the inconvenience.


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