Electronics box orientation

…my electronics box is facing the sunny side. During upcoming hot season, i think direct sun can make any surface pretty hot (i assume up to 50 - 60 degree celsius. We can have up to 42 degrees celsius during summer).

Should i be concerned about this? Can this cause malfunction?

Hello Eide,

The specifications on the raspberry Pi and Farmduino are rated for 85 Degrees C. So the FarmBot hardware should be able to handle the heat, however our stepper drivers are susceptible to heat and automatically shutdown when they get too hot. For the most reliable FarmBot operation please find some way to provide shade for the electronics box.

Also, to ensure the most reliable operation of the stepper motors, please install the heat sinks squarely onto the stepper driver chips in the vertical orientation. The heat sinks create a larger surface area for the chips to reject heat into the environment.


Maybe a “sun visor” option could be crafted?
Maybe the FB Team could design and offer it as an accessory… :slight_smile:
Something that snaps, clips or slips on over the electronics box…

I also thought about “case temperature”. I was thinking about ways to provide venting while still keeping moisture, dirt & bug free. Louvered side vents with an internal mesh screen at the top and bottom come to mind. Let convection do the work!

I have started to collect internal and external temp data. Right now, my max internal is 54 C/ 130 F with an external of 24 C / 76 F
Can’t wait to what a 44 C day is like…

Also, maybe move or copy this thread to feature requests?

Also, I got curious as to the specs for the stepper drivers.
Looks like 85 C is the limit for them, too…

Absolute Maximum Ratings
Operating Ambient Temperature
TA Range –20 to 85C

Maximum Junction
TJ(max) 150C

Full specs here: