Elusive 0,0,0 - System does not zero reliably

Problem mostly solved:

If you toggle the “always on” to on in the advanced options under the DEVICE menu, this made a HUGE difference.

@jonweisw did you toggle it on for all three axises?

Yes, although I am still having issues with this.

Leaving the motors ‘always on’ on all three axes prevents the gantry from moving ever so slightly at the end of a run.

Unfortunately, the system still does NOT return to a precise zero after a prolonged sequence (for example, a multi-step sequence that involves picking up the seeder and then planting seeds in a row of five). The problem with this is that if the system is off by anything greater than 4-5mm it will not be able to pick up/replace a tool.

Until the software allows for and figures in some small glitches in the motor system (stutters, stalls and the like), there is very little utility in the system as a whole.


Hi there! Having the same problem, kind of…
I’m setting the XYZ coordinates for a tool and running a sequence to pick it up, take it out of the holder and putting it back. If I then use the “Home” function, it won’t always go home. It will think it has gone home. It says it’s at 0.0.0 when in fact Y can be off with as much as 150mm. It doesn’t stutter, it doesn’t skip anything, it just changed 0 position.
Also, setting 000 manually, finding the exact location of the tool, setting those locations for the tool and then running the sequencer to pick it up will result in it trying to pick up the tool in a different spot or using the Z to try to push the tool into the ground (going below set coordinates). Even if I manually set 0.0.0 and the tools are fixed to the wall, the tool will have different coordinated everytime I find them manually (from the control center).
Now, I’m definitely not an expert at this, just a happy amateur, so I’m sure I’m doing something wrong, I just don’t know what.


If ok, I am interested in seeing the video too