Emergency Stop after pickup a seed (Farmbot Express)

Hello everyone.

We have recently purchased the Farmbot Express XL kit and we are having problems with seed planting.

In the first attempts the pump was drawing air instead of aspirating. To solve the problem, we have connected the pre-assembled tube to the other port of the vacuum pump and now the operation is correct.

Now we are doing a sequence that consists of “moving to the seed box”, “activating the vacuum pump”, “moving in z” and “moving to the position where to plant it”. But we don’t succeed because the robot stops before giving an error “Movement failed. Cannot execute commands while E-stopped” we believe that this error only appears after a few seconds after picking the seed. We believe that the fault appears because the resistance when picking up the seed increases. (If we run the sequence without piking up the seed but activating the vacuum pump the sequence runs successfully.)

We have the following questions:
-Is any parameter associated with the power consumption of our system generating the error?
-Where should we investigate to determine the problem?

@salesmendesandre It sounds like you have a defective vacuum pump. Please email contact@farmbot.io with your order number and we will mail you a replacement under warranty.

@salesmendesandre Additionally, please see this document about a common issue with the E-Stop button.