Enabling scheduled sequences

Hi, I’ve been testing with scheduling sequences, the web app seems to be saving my schedule but my farmbot fails to execute the sequences. Is there a “Enable scheduled sequences” option I’m missing?

@jmLafarga We’ve been working on that feature for the past few weeks, so it is very much a new feature and might still have some issues to work through. Thanks very much for letting us know there was an issue!

We are deploying a new version of the software tonight or tomorrow morning that will have many updates. I will let you know by posting a follow up in this thread so that you can try it out on your machine.

I would recommend the following actions when you try it again:

  • Delete any old sequences or FarmEvents that did not work before.
  • Click the “sync” button when you are done editing / saving.

If you still have issues after this next release, please let us know.

Thanks and speak soon.

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