Encoder Question

Hello Farmbot Experts! I’m in the process of building a farm bot and have a question about encoders. I’m designing and cutting my own plates and I planned on using a completely separate encoder. I already have a ton of 2560’s, RAMPS shields, stepper drivers and NEMA 17’s lying around and it seemed wasteful to get new motors with encoders pre-mounted.

I’m thinking about something like this:

It has A, B, VCC and GND wires, but no AQ/BQ. Can I still use this guy?

Also, I did search before I posted this and found lots of other questions re:encoders, just unsure of the whole pinout


Hello akhlut,

you can use this encoder with a mega/ramps combination or a Farmduino V10. Only Farmduino V14 uses the differential channels since it uses an additional processor for signal reading. Megas are just too slow :snail:

I’m running a HEDS-5500 A14 from Avago with a mega/ramps. This encoder is also a 2 channel (A,B,VCC,GND) and works fine. You can also use encoders with a different resolution as this can be set up in the webapp.

I think the mounting of such a big encoder would be a harder thing you’ll have to deal with …

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Thanks for the feedback @Ascend!

That’s great news!

I’ve got ideas on how to get them mounted - just like steppers on X and Y. Z will probably be a double pulley arrangement.

Thanks again,

I’d love to see how you did it when you got it working :slightly_smiling_face:

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