Encoders where to buy?

Hey everyone,
Where can I buy the encoders? Us digital can’t supply at the moment. I got this in a email from them about 30mins ago.
"· We are working through issues as one of our production systems is currently down. We are working to get it back into production as quickly as possible.
· We expect to have E4T/S4T parts available by early September, though that is not a guarantee."


Are they prices well? The only sites I found is here and ones that want you to submit a quote request. I submitted to 2 places but they dont answer a lot of times when they know you only want 4.

That’s a good question. We’ll be getting our motors/encoders directly from a factory in Shenzhen, China, but that’s only really possible if you’re ordering 1,000+ units like us. You could try looking at other parts suppliers like Digikey?