Encrypted Deployment on AWS

Hi all,

we are currently going to deploy the FarmBot control software on AWS and are facing some challanges with the encryted AMQP connection.
We managed to create secure access from browser to the web app and to the MQTT endpoint over an AWS application load balancer (HTTPS).
What we are currently struggeling with is getting a secure connection from the raspberry to our cloud.

We are curious about the connections the Raspberry controller tryes to open

  1. Access to web app API: For us it was required to redirect HTTP traffic on Port 80 to HTTPS on 443 at the Application Load Balancer to establish a connection. Is the assumption correct, that the Raspberry tries to connect to HTTP 80 and not HTTPS 443 by default?
  2. Which protocol and which ports are exactly used for establishing the AMQP connetion. Is this like the MQTT connection a WebSocket connection or rather a plain TCP or TLS connection?
  3. What is the default Port and Protocol the raspberry tries to open to establish the AMQP connection?

Has anyone experienced setting up the farm on AWS with a load balancer and encryption?

Thanks in advance!