Error Handling in Sequences

I’d love to have error handling on sequences.

Here’s an example of how that could be handy…

Farmbot frequently drops a step or two. These missed steps accumulate over several maneuvers. I’m having to rehome prior to starting most sequences/subsequences to ensure that Farmbot is really where it thinks it is.

Most of my sequences begin with a return to home followed by find home. Unfortunately, if return home overshoots then after three retries the sequence fails and halts, so it never executes find home. Often, that leaves it sitting near home with a tool in the UTM.

If we could trap for errors then I could simply have FB perform a custom sequence to find home on error. If the custom find home sequence errors then I could trap that and halt.

In this case it would also be useful to be able to issue an e-stop from within a sequence to prevent any scheduled events from executing.

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I very much like this idea. Especially the error trapping. That would be so useful so that FarmBot can react to an error instead sitting there without knowing what to do!

Thanks for the feature request. Some tips for now:

Do you have E-STOP ON MOVEMENT ERROR enabled?

Also, I’d recommend not having a move to home before a find home for the reason you mentioned. Find home itself moves to home first, then finds home.

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I’m not using E-STOP ON MOVEMENT ERROR until I can get FB to stop tripping on every grain of sand that lands on the tracks.

Find home is very slow and times out on the x axis if the gantry is at the far end of the track. I know I can increase the timeout, but it’s still going to be painfully slow.

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there is no real work around on the pace of the homing. Its meant to be slow so that FB can count and measure its steps properly based on the calibration length of the track :ok_hand:

Im pretty sure the FB moves at the minimum speed when it comes to homing so if you want to have it move faster then you can increase the minimum move speed i believe? (@Gabriel right?)

but that may cause some weird characteristics!

Find home currently moves quickly to zero, then moves at the minimum speed until it finds the end.

We will add a separate parameter for homing speed soon.

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Thanks for the advice… I was thinking FIND HOME behaved the same as FIND HOME ON BOOT. I removed the Move Home from my sequences and left the FIND HOME. It’s slower since it only moves one axis at a time, but I think it will be a little more reliable.

Still want my error handling though. :slightly_smiling_face:

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