Error taking photo

I use raspberry pi 3B+ and Arduino/RAMPS to connect normally。but cannot take photo. The usb camera can run on raspberry pi system20210606233209

@net-man If I am understanding you correctly, you are using an RPI + a RAMPS board on a custom device (not a real kit). Is this correct?

If that is the case, I would ask that you try a different webcam.

We try to provide as many drivers as possible with FBOS, but not all webcams are supported.

Thank you for your reply!I am using an RPI + a RAMPS board on a custom device (not a real kit)。
Can FBOS prompt incompatible cameras? What camera drivers are currently supported?

@net-man If you are familiar with Linux drivers, our Linux kernel defconfig can be found here. What camera are you currently using? I’ve tried two commercial off-the-shelf webcams and both were detected. Several forum users have also added third party webcams to their devices without any special tools.

The only camera we officially support is the ones we sell with kits. Other cameras are supported on a “best effort” basis. Although we might accept outside code contributions to the feature you are describing, it is unlikely that we would spend time developing such a feature internally. I am happy to answer any questions you have as you search for a compatible alternative.

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