Events Stopped Working

I’ve been running the watering events/sequences for a month now and loving the results. Unfortunately, my wife accidentally unplugged and plugged in farmbot and since then none of my sequences will run. I’m perplexed because I can run the sequences manually, but they won’t run automatically at their set time. I have a genesis v1.2 and running OS Version 10.0.0. Below are screenshots of my events and sequence.

@betseyram13 Sorry to hear that Jimmy.

Could you please try upgrading to v10.1.2 (released a few minutes ago) and re-sync the device?

Also, are you seeing any other suspicious / erroneous behavior such as new error messages that you have never seen before?

Also, @betseyram13 is there any reason you disabled auto sync? Sometimes it makes sense to disable auto sync, but in this case, you have a very strong WiFi signal. I am going to re-enable it.

It appears that the module responsible for scheduling has crashed on your device without providing a reason. We haven’t heard of this happening recently. Please try upgrading or, if you cannot upgrade, perform a hard factory reset on your SD card (via Etcher rather than from the UI).


Thank you for all the help. I’ve reloaded the OS and its now working.