Extra parts required for XL Device

I’m wondering specifically which parts need to be doubled and/or any additional parts needed for building the XL device(3m X 6m). I have ordered for the current standard device(1.5m X 3m) and am interested in upgrading to the larger unit before building. I’m prepared to cover the cost in cases where the current parts will not be able to be used with the XL, such as the g2 timing belt. Thank you for your help!

Great question! Off the top of my head, you’ll need the following to upgrade along the tracks:

  • More extrusions for however much more track you want
  • More cable carrier for the longer tracks
  • More track plates
  • More screws/tee nuts accordingly
  • More cable carrier supports for the tracks
  • Longer wiring from the power supply to the raspberry pi
  • Longer tubing for the water
  • Longer belts

To upgrade along the Gantry:

  • Extra extrusion for the wider gantry main beam
  • Connecting plate and screws/tee nuts to connect the two gantry main beam extrusions
  • Longer belt for the Cross-Slide
  • Longer cable carrier
  • Another driveshaft and a flex coupling
  • More driveshaft/cable carrier support brackets
  • Longer wiring and tubing for the UTM, Z-Axis motor, and Cross-Slide motor
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I’m looking to move to a massive scale, i’m looking to end up with two farmbots
I’m hoping to have a standard kit and then a second to cover a extra large growing area measuring 40ft X 30ft or 12m X 9m I would like to know if this is possible and if so what extra hardware/cost id be looking at to make this possible. also have some great ideas for new tools, i’m hoping to get started sometime soon with this.

@talotz, awesome! I think scaling to 12m along the tracks would be ok to do, though you may need to upgrade your x-axis drive motor to pull the extra weight. I think upgrading to 3m along the gantry is do-able, but 9m wide would be very difficult because it is such a far span that would unsupported. Perhaps it would require an additional track and gantry column in the middle, or more, for support.

My guess is you would be looking at another $2,000 (roughly) to get a bot that big. But that’s a very rough estimate off the top of my head.