Fail safe zone for the toolbays

Hi, I’ve managed to “plant” my farmbot, BUT I’ve made a grate mistake and run home button above the toolbay.
This resulted in broken toolbay:frowning:

My suggestion is to disable/prohibit he software to even think of going below tools/toolbays X,Y,Z axis.

Most importantly the Z axis, which will prohibit FB from braking/banding of the toolbays.

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Sorry to hear your Toolbay broke! That’s quite surprising, because the Toolbay is a pretty robust piece of aluminum. If you ordered your kit from, send us an email at and we may be able to send you a replacement.

We’ll add some type of “safe zone” feature to our roadmap, which will be useful for preventing accidents like this. Thank you for the feedback.

Thanks Roy for the offering, but I’ve made my farmbot myself, and there is no need to send me pieces I didn’t order from you guys :slight_smile:

Toolbay is now back online, I was smart enough to order +1 of every part that was made for me :wink:

I hope to post picture of my FB tomorrow yay

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