Farm Bot Dimensions

What are the outside working Dimensions of Farm Bot XL

It’s surprising how little people actually read on there own…

From the frontpage:

FarmBot Genesis XL
Max growing area: ~2.9m x ~5.9m
Max plant height: ~0.5m
Machine width: Up to 3m
Machine length: Up to 6m
Machine height: 0.5 to 1.5m
Hardware version: v1.4

Your absolutely right Mr.mdingena maybe you should reread my question . They stated that the XL model had problems with keeping the main Rails aligned . I’m trying to solve these issues in my design setup . The Dimensions I saw were Not specified as The XL model . Are there exact drawing Dimensions available ?

You asked for the dimensions of the XL device. If this information didn’t help you, it’s unclear what you are asking. Can you be more specific?

Regarding technical drawings or documentation for the XL, there are none yet. You can read more about that in the v1.4 topic.