Farm event doesn't start unless manually synced

I’m running a test for a week to make sure the farmbot is working correctly and prove that we are ready for planting. I created a sequence for toolbay testing that picks up the tools and move around one after the other. When it finished with one toolbay, takes a picture of it and does the same for the other bay, then goes home.
Running a test manually on the toolbay tester sequence is always correct. So under farm events I added the sequence for every 2 hours from 8am till 8pm.
The problem is that the sequences are missed unless I synced the bot manually. Once I synced it, it will do the events for that day.
Has anybody got any thoughts on this?

This is intended behavior. There is a message displayed when a Farm Event is created indicating that a sync is required before the event will run. A sync is required for the device to get the Farm Event data; without it the bot isn’t aware that there is anything to run.

I think I wasn’t clear in my description. I’m aware that I need to sync the bot after creating a new farm event.
The issue is that it missed the event yesterday morning at 8am. I logged in at 9, synced it, then it did the event at 10. Today the same thing happened.

Does it maybe have anything to do with the updates I can see in the log? It seems to happen at 2am every night.

It sounds like your device may be rebooting, after which a sync would be required to download the farm event data again. Updates should not happen every night. Does the device widget indicate that your device is up to date?

Yes, it is on 5.0.2 the auto update was turned on, and the same thing happened last night/this morning. Now I turned the auto update off to see if that makes a difference.