Farmbot always changing coordinates

Hey There!
After Calibrating manually or with the calibrate fonction my farmbot is always loosing some mm on the 3 axes.

After a day of tasks, it has not the same calibration and it can’t get the tools any more. After 3 days of struggles, hours of tests I can’t get my farmbot as precise I want…

I rebalanced the axis, checked the tensions etc… I feel that it is not reliable at all…
I am disappointed, I feel that the motors are not strong enough.

Thanks for your help !

We had some similar troubles, did you turn on your encoders and set your motors to “always on?” It helped us out. :smiley:

Hey ! thanks for your answer, yes we did turn on the encoders and the “always on” but still it is not able to do one regime without slowly changing coordinates

We also found that the eccentric spacers needed some adjustment. Have you loosened/adjusted your v-wheels? Even the ones without eccentric spacers? If they are not the correctly adjusted they may cause those issues too.

We will check it again to be sure :slight_smile:
Is it working well for you now ?

Totally! When we first turned it on, the y-axis wouldn’t move and out z-axis made a fun game out of “how far can I go before I just stop and you scratch your head and swear profusely at me?”