FarmBot API address

Hello, dear peeepz, could you, please, share with me the exact FarmBot API, I searched in the documentation, as well as the forum, but could not find it. :frowning:

I hope I will hear from you sooon! ^^

Hi @Petya: what do you mean exactly? Do you like to have a link to github? Should I post the API code in here? Do you like to know about documentation?

The best place for advanced developer documentation isn’t the forum or the Farmbot documentation. You’ll need to dive into their GitHub repositories:

Hello, thanks for the fast response. @Klimbim !I would like to know from where I can get
the API somehow,because I checked in documentation, as well as git, but could not find it…


  • You can generate an API token with these instructions.
  • The API address is the same as the web address -
  • Reference documentation for the current version (it will become outdated next week) can be found here.
  • There is reference documentation for the latest version (v4.0.0 - due for release next week) of the API endpoints available here.
  • Another way to learn about the APIs behavior is to take a look at your Chrome developer tools AJAX tab when you use the web app. The FarmBot Web App uses the same API as 3rd party developers.

As @mdingena mentioned, you are welcome to use the official Github repo for advanced software development topics.

I look forward to seeing what you create with the API!

If there was a specific task you were trying to accomplish via the API, we would be more than happy to help you out. Please let us know.

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Thank you so much! Yes,at first I am trying to set the connection, so I would be able to make requests (in Python) for the watering purposes, such that I would be able to send commands to the FarmBot to water plants, by means of the requests. That is the first thing I am aiming for.


For realtime control, you will need to use a Python MQTT client (we use the API for record storage and MQTT for realtime control). The MQTT server documentation lists the MQTT channels that farmbot uses, as well as how to log on to the server.

A good starting point would be to connect to your FarmBot via a desktop MQTT client such as MQTTFx and observe the message patterns as the device operates. Were here to help if you have any questions.

Hope that helps!

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