Farmbot Board used as a CNC Router

Looking to find out if I can use my now idle (probably use it for farming again… someday) farmbot board on a small DIY router table.
I know that the Farmbot before this one used a ramps board.
So the question is…
Does the Farmbot board use the same pins as the ramps board?

The pin assignment file shows the pins for the Arduino/RAMPS and Farmduino boards.

I guess what I was wondering is if I wanted to run a farm bot board with GRBL let’s say…
It looks like the pins are totally different than most standard machines.
In other words there isn’t a template in Marlin or something that will match farmbot?
I don’t mind doing the work but that’s a lot of boards for me to check if you happen to know it was made to a certain profile or configuration …

Farmduino is a custom board for FarmBot with custom pin assignments. The file linked to above (pins.h) should have all the information you need (STEP, DIR, ENABLE, MIN, and MAX for X, Y, and Z) to edit or create a new board profile in the software you would like to use.

I’ve tried asking this a couple of different ways with little luck in finding the answer I’m looking for.
So I simply want to know if the current pin outs were adopted from the original ramps configurations?
I would like to use my Farmbot Board in a different project. It’s basically a 3d printer WITH a tool changer…
So the question becomes is the BASIC ramps functionality still mapped to the same pins in the newest Farmbot hardware.
If I run Marlin firmware and tell it I have Ramps 1.4 board are any of the pins still mapped to that configuration?

When the Farmduino replaced the RAMPS board, many of the pin assignments changed. The pin assignments file (also linked above) should be referred to for all pins used by FarmBot, but here’s a brief comparison for some of the pins in that document:

Description RAMPS Farmduino (v1.3, v1.4)
X_STEP_PIN 54 26
X_DIR_PIN 55 27
X_MIN_PIN 3 69
X_MAX_PIN 2 68
E_STEP_PIN 26 15
E_DIR_PIN 28 30
Y_STEP_PIN 60 32
Y_DIR_PIN 61 33
Y_MIN_PIN 14 67
Y_MAX_PIN 15 66
Z_STEP_PIN 46 35
Z_DIR_PIN 48 36
Z_MIN_PIN 18 65
Z_MAX_PIN 19 64
LED_PIN 13 13
SERVO_3_PIN 11 11

There may be other similarities as well. For example, pins 8, 9, and 10 are still high power outputs.

This is great, Ill let you know what i do with it, thank you!