Farmbot comunication fail between message and farmbot. also no configuration Wifi showing up

This is our second time with a Farmbot. Over the winter Bayer our suporter wantted to see how it holds up during the winter. So we left it out over the winter. We found out that it wasn’t plugged in at all (probably a good thing), but now we aren’t able to get comunication to the farmbot at all. I’ve reflashed the Rasberry PI to verson 7.0.1. We also had the power turned off to the router. 25%20PM%20(1)

But when I go to try and configure it ther is no farmbot-**** wifi sorce. We did have to change our password for the app. If we could get some help that would be very greatful because we need it up and running by May 6th.

Just ideas…

  1. Try all again, but this time, when you power off the FB, press and hold the reset button on the FarmDuino. I know, it should not make a diff if you re-flashed the SD card, but sometimes weird stuff works.
  2. Just for giggles, try re-flashing again.
  3. Give the FB some time to set up its WIFI (Like 3 to 5 min)
  4. Move the microwave off the gantry (Just a joke)
  5. Maybe try a different FBOS version…?
  6. If you have a CAT5/6 network cable plugged in, unplug it from either end (make it dead) - Try again.
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i have done all of those exsept for number 4. none worked

Maybe a new RazPi? That is where the WiFi lives
~$30 at an electronics store like Fry’s…

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Note to self don’t do this

Here’s a link to the FarmBot OS troubleshooting: Accessing the Configurator documentation.

I have tryed all of those