Farmbot continuously blocked from server

I keep getting “Your device is reconnecting to the server too often. Please see” I wait for 10 minutes and try again (done this multiple times) and I am still blocked. The Farmbot was working fine 3 hours ago.

Am I permanently blocked? Is there an issue with the server?

Server is running fine for me.

No, I don’t think that you are permanently blocked. The connection issue most likely still persists which causes a block over and over again.
Is your device connected via WiFi?

Thanks for getting back to me. Yes connected via wifi. Just tried again after waiting for an hour after I turned Farmbot off and closed web app tab but problem persists.

Alright, looks like this is a new feature. We’ll better ask @RickCarlino if something might wrong with the reset function of the connection limiter.


@whitecaps Thanks for letting me know about this. Just to be clear, you are not permanently banned from the server. I will investigate the matter today and let you know what happened. If you privately message me your account email, I can take a deeper look.

I’ve unthrottled all thorttled accounts to help you get back online. I only see two throttled accounts on production, and one of them was immediately re-throttled, while the other account seems to have returned to normal. Are you running any custom Farmwares on your device? How was your internet connectivity prior to this? A poor internet connection and “runaway” Farmwares are the most likely causes of a throttle, though I will double-check today to make sure it is not a server-side issue.

The reason we had to implement this throttling mechanism was due to multiple malfunctioning 3rd party Farmwares on the server that were flooding the message broker with useless connection attempts. This led to a service outage last week which required manual intervention on my part. Since this feature was added last week, it has only been triggered on 2 devices.

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Hi @RickCarlino I wonder then if we can - after restrictions you mentioned were made - still use loop plants with filters farmware?

I’d also be interested in Farmware best practices so they don’t result in this issue. Is it just that some Farmwares effectively had an infinite loop?

@eide I doubt this has an effect on that particular Farmware. Also, I can’t help too much with third party Farmwares because they are not authored by anyone on the FarmBot team. Please contact the author of the farmware with support questions you have.

@whitecaps Some best practices would be to:

  • Be mindful of the connection re-attempt limit when writing connection failure code. Eg: put a sleep timer into application disconnect callbacks.
  • Avoid connecting to the broker within a loop.
  • Cleanly/explicitly disconnect from the broker and make sure that your application does not leak sockets.