Farmbot CPU TEMP

It seems odd that the tem runs this high. Outdoor temp is 16C and CPU temp indicated is 64C. Is that correct? Would make more sense if it was F.

Farmbot CPU TEMP

Farmbot CPU temp 2

This is after the software update to 12.3.1

The weather here is
27/07:30am 17.9 14.7 5.2 43 6.2 SE 11 15 6 8 1008.0 1007.3 0.0
We ar currently GMT +11


Device ID: 3676

Version: v12.3.1

Model: Genesis v1.5

Firmware: v6.5.11 Farmduino (Genesis v1.5)

CPU temperature: 54°C

WiFi strength: 89%

MAC address: b8:27:eb:fe:d7:21

Local IP: fdc8:1451:83f3:2c00:ba27:ebff:fefe:d721


: low

Those weather observations don’t really make sense without some headers - sorry

Here’s the link:

The FBOS software Changelog mentions Performance updates for Express devices starting at v12.2.1. I know you don’t have Express, but the same performance updates benefit Genesis running on RPi3B also :slight_smile: ( to a smaller extent than is evident on RPi0W in Express )

@John_D I can take a look. Are you seeing degraded performance or runtime issues, or are you just curious?

It is just a curiosity.

@John_D If it’s just a curiosity, you could re-configurate, SSH in and run:

use Toolshed

to get a list of running processes and see if something in system is using more resources than needed.

If the CPU temperature does become an issue please let me know and I can dig deeper.