Farmbot disconnected after latest OTA OS update

After recent farmbot OS OTA update, my farmbot constantly shows as disconnected in the web app. However there is no farmbot-XXX network, so I think the recent update must have messed something up.

Do you have any suggestions?

thank you


@eide, just my 2c . . grab the latest v7 release and re-flash the SDHC card. (maybe try a new SDHC)

Too bad I am 1500 KM from my farmbot now :frowning: is there any other workaround @connor , perhaps you could advise?

Is your device on a enterprise network or have something that might block access between farmbot and the internet? it not having a configuration network means it at least “thinks” it is connected. It’s possible Farmbot needs a power cycle

@conor, my fb is on home network, so there should not be anything blocking its access to the internet. I had my firmware reflashed on the SD card (os version 7.0.2). It seemed promising for a while - see logs below. However, since the last success log entry about “Got ARDUINO STARTUP COMPLETE. UART is up.”, my farmbot still shows as disconnected… Any idea what to try next? What do you mean by fb needs a power cycle?

Maybe I should have tried to flash os version 7.0.1, with which it was working fine (?)

I’m having the exact same problem. 7.0.1 didn’t help, as it still pulled an OTA update, even though I unchecked “FARMBOT OS AUTO UPDATE”. Then I ended up in this loop again as soon as it rebooted after the OTA update.

@connor do you think we should try to reflash farmbot os with some 6.9.x release? I have also turned off auto updates, but before the most recent update to version 7.0.2 fb was working fine… it seems other people experience issues even if downgraded to 7.0.1, so maybe we shd downgrade even more? (Ps i m also fb genesis/ farmduino 1.4.)

Just my 2-cents:
Our FB is up and running fine on a school network with 7.0.1

Also running fine on 7.0.2 since release using (kind of) arduino/ramps electronics.

Today evening I gave reflashing another try - this time I flashed 7.0.1. Eventhough auto OS updates were off, farmbot updated it’s OS to 7.0.2 - and I keep having the same issue-fb is disconnected, last entry in logs is Got ARDUINO STARTUP COMPLETE. UART is up.

Did you try to boot with the arduino/farmduino disconnected from the raspberry?

Why would that be a good idea?