Farmbot does not boot anymore - corrupt Farmware?

I have some farmware running that waters my plants automatically (based on the MLH).

since yesterday evening the bot is no longer booting. It shows an error during boot:

Failed to start child:
…Repository.SyncTask reason:
File.Error { action “read file” path “/root/farmware/MLH/manifest.json” reason:eonoent}

lib/file.ex line 310 file lib/farmbot/farmware/farmware.ex line 136

all the other stuff does not look important (task related)

What can I do to fix this? Is there a way to remove the farmware off the bot without the cloud?
Can I ssh in the farmbot somehow?
Last resort is to flush the bot again…do I have to? Will I lose anything?


I guess you shouldn´t loose configs or thelike as they are all now stored on the FB servers. But please don´t be upset if that is not true :wink: try and tell us afterwards…

Would be good to know what caused your bot to stop booting, but as I know the FB Team they are not very interested in finding out to prevent in future so let´s see…

Sadly there is no way to access the FarmBot in any way like SSH.

Indeed, this is probably the only thing you can do. You won’t lose anything because all settings and resources are saved on the servers. Just flash the SD-card and connect it with your existing account.

Why so salty?

Too much frustrating time spent today on the bot :wink:

@muenchris: I hope you revived your bot?

Yes I re-flashed it and it works again. Since it looks like that the Farmware is at least partially running on the Farmbot, maybe that is my way to get some direct connection done.

I am also trying to move everything on-premise now (no more cloud) because the AMQP/MQTT connection is not stable enough and my bot disconnects very frequently in the middle of watering (which is the daily task of the farmbot). So far no luck but I am filing these things in the github issues section of the Farmbot-web-app.

Klimbim…sound like a german TV show from the 70s. I watched that with passion when I was a kid :smile:

Had similar problem 3 times in the past. Reflushing helped