Farmbot doesn't emit wifi

Hi everyone
Upon turning on the farmbot, it doesn’t appear to be emitting wifi (can’t find the signal with farmbot name)
We did upgrade on December’s last OS version
Any ideas? I can’t configurate the internet connection…
Have a great day!

Hi @lemonnier_france

This often happens when the wrong version is flashed to the SD card. For example: attempting to flash the Express version of FBOS to a Genesis device.

The other problem we’ve seen is that sometimes the device will simply have a “bad flash” and needs to be re-flashed to fix accidental data corruption.

Can you please re-flash the SD card with the appropriate FBOS version (just to be 100% certain before proceeding) and then wait 5 minutes after that to see if the WiFi comes back.

Please let me know if a hard re-flash helps and we can go from there.

Please provide your device model and device ID in your reply.

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