Farmbot doesn't move in any direction

After plugging everything in, I was able to successfully connect to the FarmBot using the web app and sync it. However, when try to move the FarmBot, it will not move in any direction. I can see the text that displays the absolute position updating, and don’t get any errors from the FarmBot.

I’ve checked my wiring multiple times, and don’t think anything is wrong with that.

I see a solid red light and a blinking green light on the top left corner of the Raspberry Pi board. The RAMPS shield does not have any light on, but I see a solid green light on the Arduino board behind it.

Any ideas on how I can debug this?

Have you tried tweaking the Stepper Motor Controllers? We didn’t get any movements form ours until we tweaked by rotating in very small amounts until we got movement. Somewhere on the Forum there’s a link tot he Stepper Motor Controller guide. You may also need a multimeter to get it exactly right.

Check this guide like JulianMS mentioned: Why is my FarmBot not moving?

Are your motors doing any kind of sound? Can you hear a “Click” from the motors?

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Uploading your settings might help as well…