Farmbot doesn't work after shutting it down

Hey there,

First of all, sorry for my englsih, it still not the primary language here on Brazil.
So, going to my problem, everytime I need to shutdown my farmbot, It doesn’t connect when turned back on. All it does is to turn the red led (Lock Machine) and if I wait for a long time, it then blinks the blue led, so I need to reconfigurate it. But, even if I make the configurating process, it won’t work untill I flash again my SD Card (With the same OS).
Any of you guys know how to solve this?

Just to confirm: your FarmBot is successfully connecting to the Web App at but after pressing SHUTDOWN and then plugging in the power again it doesn’t reconnect.

Which FarmBot OS version are you using? Is the WiFi network (that FarmBot was connected to previously) online when FarmBot is turned on again? Are there any error messages displayed on the first screen of the configurator when the blue LED is blinking?

Yes, exactly .

I’m using the version 6.4.9. The network was online all the time and there were no error message when I went back to the configurator, it looks like I’m doing the first configuration back again, no error messages are seen