Farmbot_ext exited 5: :shutdown

Can’t seem to get past this. OS config seems to work ok, WiFi is good, never initializes or connects. Blue indicator blinks as does the red button on the top. R PI board has solid red power led and blinking green activity indicator. Ideas? New Genesis 1.5. Initial setup. "Farmbot app: farmbot_ext exited 5: :shutdown"

@jimcowan What is your device ID?

You can find that information here:


Other questions:

  • Has the device made it online at all, or are those errors coming from within configurator?
  • What version of FBOS are you attempting to install on the device?

If the device has never been online and FarmBot OS is unable to finish configuration, there are three common reasons:

  • Inadequate WiFi strength
  • Incorrect WiFi password
  • Incorrect account email/password

Please note that all passwords are CaSe SeNsItIvE.

Haven’t gotten that far. Never connected. Shows Version Unknown.

@jimcowan Did you ever flash the SD card, or are using the SD card as it came from the factory?

Definitively have the right passwords. The Wifi strength seems good and is “green” in the Configurator app.

What about the SD Card?

Flashed the card per the instructions. Verified with the BalenaEtcher app as well.

OK, I am going to move this conversation to a private message so that I can get some logger screenshots.

Used the most recent version of FBOS.

ok, Thank you.