Farmbot for 3d printing

Hey guys,

I was interested to see if i could optimize the tool nozzle by adding a filament extruder for 3D printing. I was wondering if anyone has tried this before. Additionally, what is the operation space is!

Thanks guys


We converted a FarmBot into a 3D printer several years ago and had decent results for the small amount of time put into it. I think the build volume was around 400mm x 800mm x 150mm. However, just because it can be done doesn’t mean it should be. If what you’re looking for is a 3D printer, get a 3D printer.


Fair enough! Nice to know it’s possible! Thanks for the input!!

It also should be said, that most of farmbots precition is achieved by the usage of the encoders. Commonly used 3d printing firmwares like Marlin or Repetier are not compatible for closed loop movements, so you would need to create your own software. Also the processor on the farmduino probably won’t allow precise movements in a speed that is common for 3d printers.

So the effort would be huge in my opinion to get this running properly. Just think about how hard it will be to level the nozzle to the bed :crazy_face:
I totally agree on Rory’s advice …