Farmbot Genesis Camera cable

Hi, I have the Farmbot Genesis V1.5 and the standard borescope camera that has a 4 pin screw type connector on the end. Is there meant to be an additional cable / connector to connect this camera to the Raspberry Pi, or to the Farmduino? I have looked under Electronics / Wiring on the Farmbot shop website, but there is nothing listed there.


The pinouts for the cable would also be of great assistance, I could then make a 4 pin to usb connector, using a din type plug and socket to a USB connector (I’m assuming that the correct cable should have a USB connector on the end that connects to the Pi or Farmduino).
Or alternatively, the type of connector that this is, then I could order a female connector locally and make the cable myself.

Have a look here:

I’d contact for the according connector cable.

Thanks Masze

Here is the pinout for the camera cable:

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Thanks Rick,
I assume that the red and black are +5v and Gnd, do you happen to know the name of the signals on the other two wires?

Actually if these pinouts match the standard USB pinouts, Pin 1 should be +5v, Pin 2 should be data-, Pin 3 should be data+, Pin 4 should be Signal gnd.
I’m not sure that they do though, since normally red and black woud be 5v and Gnd respectively.


Thanks very much Rick, there’s only one question about the camera cable left now - Is the image you posted earlier a male or a female image of the connector?

This is my guess as to how the camera extension cable is wired. Please let me know if this is correct, I’ve guessed the female sex for the plugs, but it may be wrong. Also the 5V+ and Minus aren’t black and red - according to my guess.

This is the Genesis v1.5 Camera Cable

Thanks Rory, theres been a lot of toing and froing over this. I like your Gordian solution. :slight_smile:
Can I assume that the the previous diagram may have been incorrect?