Farmbot in @ATLANTA, Georgia?

Hi Atlantans,

Somewhere in April, May 2017, I will visit friends and makerspaces in Atlanta. During the few days I’m staying over, I would certainly like to meet people who already have experience in the assembly and use of the FarmBot. HET LAB Rotterdam has purchased a Farmbot recently. (Open Source is nice, but reward by payment of developers and development too).

Hope to hear from you.

@roryaronson: Is my request in vain (no Atlanta-Farmbot) or improper? Please let me know.

There are a few FarmBot pre-orders going to Atlanta, though I can’t give away their contact info. Hopefully they see this post and will get in touch with you to meet up :slight_smile:

On a related note, I might actually be in Atlanta around April too. Keep us updated with your plans here!

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I understand @roryaronson that you can’t disclose any names. No problem. Would be great to meet in Atlanta.

I live near Atlanta and I am a software engineer. I plan to build a farmbot and work on the software. I may be able to meet to discuss.

@kpeeples Hi Kenneth, That would be nice… my transportation in Atlanta will be a bit limited (I guess)… Near Atlanta can be a long way to bike ;-).

My visit to Atlanta will be from 4-14 April. Maybe there can be a meeting arranged with Farmbot-owners/enthousiasts?

I live a little north of Atlanta and I’m currently in the planning stages of building a farmbot. Which makerspaces are you visiting? I plan on visiting the Maker Station in Marietta for their open house on April 6th.

Hi John.

I will at least visit Decatur and Freeside.
Did you buy a kit, or are you building one with the aid of the designs provided by Farmbot?

My day, tomorrow, April 6 is fully booked already.

greetings, Tom