Farmbot kit version 1.3 feedback


We did receive our kit last monday, no need to say we were quite excited.
First impressions when unpacking were very positive. The careful packaging, overall
pieces and parts quality and robust tooling instantly tell you how much work, effort and care
were put into making this kit. Nice feeling ! It took us 3 work days to complete the making
(with 2 people). We are now learning subtilities of homing, calibrating and zeroing. As many
other had reported, we had that noisy Z-axis going down. We put two rubber washers on the
plate side where Z-axis is screwing in the small black part. That didn’t make much, but it
allowed us to find out that screwing more or less the two screws (that goes trough the plate
and the small black part) could reduce significantly the noise.

We did had two small glitches. First, the doc was missing the vaccum pump power cable info.
(see previous post Update doc : vaccum pump cable missing)
That’s been quickly corrected. Next, the vaccum pump power cable was too short (same
length as water pump power cable, 3m). So we had to fed that cable from the top and now we
cannot close the electronic box.Last, the 5 stepper driver heatsinks were missing from the kit
as we received it.


Could you arrange to send us the correct cable for the vaccum pump (4,3 m lenght) as well as those
5 little heatsinks ?

Thank you for the great work !

Hi Jerome,

Thanks so much for the feedback! I’d love to see some photos of your build :slight_smile:

I’ll arrange shipping for the 5 heatsinks and replacement vacuum pump cable today. I’m sorry for these glitches in the manufacturing!

Hi Rory,

Great ! I very much appreciate how you make things easier, thank you !