Farmbot max height

What is the height the farmbot needs to operate? What I mean add heights for Tracks + Gantry + Z Axis at it’s max height. I have height restrictions in my greenhouse so need to know to plan the set up.

You can modify the height of the gantry and the length of the Z-axis as you require. The only thing that will affect is the type of plants it will be able to attend. It comes down to what you are planning to grow.

Using unmodified parts from the genesis kit, the maximum height the Z-axis can reach is 152 cm above the tracks level. Add that to whatever the height of your planting bed is and you have the minimum overhead height requirements for your greenhouse.

That is the theoretical height. In practice, you’ll use mechanical endstop screws on your Z-axis, effectively reducing the operational height by at least 10 cm, probably more.

For your information, the gantry beam mounted on top of the tracks is 70 cm high. The leadscrew is 90 cm. The delrin block for the leadscrew is 8 cm below the gantry beam, leaving you with the total of 152 cm above tracks level.